About zuix.js

🐝 zuix.js is a lightweight library for building modular, component-based websites and apps that use standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a few handy extras that will speed up development time and improve code reusability and maintainability.

It's framework-agnostic, and does not require any bundler, package manager, or transpiling to work; all the magic is already provided by the library itself and can be used with your favorite web development stack.

Designed to maximize website speed, it will automatically load components and dependencies only when they are actually going to be used.

Designed to help write truly reusable components without creating messy code that mixes JavaScript, HTML and CSS in the same file.

Components can also be loaded from external websites, so they can be reused and shared across a network of sites without ever duplicating a file!

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JavaScript library for component-based websites and applications.
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