Terms and concepts

This is a brief introduction to some terms and concepts commonly used in web development and related to zuix.js functionality. For a better understanding of these pages a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required.


We can think of a component as a reusable part of the page that can be defined once and then added to any page, one or more times, by just referencing it.

In a component there are two kind of reusable parts:

A complete component is therefore formed by the combo view + controller, although as described later in these pages, we can also have view-only components that do not contain any JavaScript code, or controller-only components that are associated to a generic element of the page instead of a specific view template.

Component implementation

A component can be implemented with various methods:

The first method, among other advantages, maximizes the maintainability, reusability, and customizability of each part. This design pattern, that reckons on loading all bits of a component from external files, is not directly supported by the web platform, and in order to be implemented it requires a resource loader such as zuix.js.

View rendering

"Rendering" is the process of outputting the view of a component instance into the page. This process can be implemented using one of the following methods:

The first method is the standard approach in zuix.js, but it also allows to pre-render a component's view either server-side or during the build process, by simply outputting the component's HTML inside a container element with some special directive attributes (ctrl z-load), so that zuix.js will then instantiate the controller of the component and bind it to the pre-rendered view instance.

Web Components

The term Web Components identifies a set of Web Platform APIs that allow to create custom HTML elements.
The main advantage in using custom elements is encapsulation ‐ "being able to keep the markup structure, style, and behavior hidden and separate from other code on the page so that different parts do not clash, and the code can be kept nice and clean." (MDN)
zuix.js also implements emulated encapsulation through which is possible to load the same component either using a custom element or by using any standard element as host.

Getting started
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