Getting started

Start playing with zuix.js right away on StackBlitz or you can install the zuix-cli tool to create a new website from the command line.

Creating a new web project using the CLI

# Create a new website project named 'my-new-webapp'
npx zuix new my-new-webapp

A new folder named my-new-webapp will be created containing all files required to run the starter project.

From the new folder we can now start the local server that will watch, build and serve the web application files (by default at http://localhost:8080).

cd my-new-webapp
npx zuix start

Read more about all other zuix command functionality from zuix-cli documentation page.

Bare library usage on an existing site

zuix.js can also be used on an existing website project by including the library directly in the HTML page or a JavaScript module:


<script src=""></script>

or as a module:

<script type="module" src=""></script>

or as a dependency of another module:

// file: my-class.module.js
import '';


npm install zuix-dist

then copy the library from node_modules/zuix-dist/js to your project's js folder and include it in your HTML page or JavaScript module.

About zuix.js
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JavaScript library for component-based websites and applications.
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